We provide support services for all Hornbill solutions. For Hornbill Service Manager, we provide three levels of support. Those are Essential, Premier, and Concierge.


Check the status of your Hornbill instance

Although Hornbill is very intuitive, information to help you is available here on the Hornbill wiki and also on forums. Any issues and questions receive informal support from the Hornbill community on our Community Forum:

Many members of the Hornbill family have a presence in the Hornbill community. In addition to your fellow Hornbill Subscribers who may share their successes and challenges relating to their Hornbill solutions, our development teams, product owners, and of course our support team all monitor the traffic and co-ordinate to ensure that you get the right response from the right person. If you are reporting a critical issue relating to service availability, we aim to provide a resolution within four hours and post regular progress updates to ensure the whole community is kept up to date